How’s the deal?

Trading in an ordinary shop usually involves little more than the movement of goods: Dealer buys goods, goods are displayed, customer selects goods, customer exchanges money for goods. And all over again.

Trading in our store is not primarily about the goods and certainly not about exchanging them for money. We are more concerned with immediate needs and how we deal with each other or how we interact. As we all know, every person has such needs – some more and some less.

Whether someone wants to join us, drives up in the „big Benz“ or with the „Hackenporsche“ doesn’t matter: everyone is welcome!
To be comfortable with our needs and with each other, we need some rules that are summarized here:

1. Please bring only things that are clean and functional.

The question of „usability“ is sometimes interpreted very vaguely in the store. In order to keep our disposal costs to a reasonable minimum, this rule is recommended: Wonder how you feel if this stuff is for a friend. (And assume that neither your girlfriend likes to wear dirty clothes nor that your boyfriend is an experienced handyman.

2. Please take only things with you that you, your friends or relatives can use at first hand.

Unfortunately, we don’t have many fitting options. Of course you can take your clothes home to try them on and bring them back if you don’t like them or they don’t fit.
You shouldn’t sell this stuff on. That would contradict the basic idea of the shop.
Under no circumstances do we require a „proof of need“.

3. rules of acceptability

If you bring things with you, they will first – ideally together with you – pre-sorted and only sorted or stored in the displays after the opening time.
We cannot accept furniture for space limitations.
But you can post an offer or a request on our notice board.
In the „wish list“ we have listed which items you are allowed to bring along, and for which you should rather find other uses.

4. For the sake of fairness, some types of things are subject to restrictions.

We are a self-service shop, i.e. „first come, first served“. From some things our shop offers an enormous variety (e.g. T-shirts, sweaters, shirts, etc.), from others there are usually less. With the latter, however, we want to avoid scenes like those at the rummage table and the elbow having the say.
We inform about current restrictions here.

New things: Because we are aware that operators and helpers have privileged access to the latest things, the restriction applies here that everyone may only take one „heart piece“ with them.

5. By the way…

The rules for respectful behaviour apply to us, which also apply throughout the Social Centre. If you have any problems or difficulties, please feel free to approach us.