The Idea

The KostNixLaden („KostNix Freeshop“) has been part of the Soziales Zentrum (Social Center) in Bochum since 2008.

In addition to a large selection of clothes, there are all kinds of useful and beautiful things to take away on the shelves. From a salad spinner to a children’s keyboard: many things that your heart desires can be taken along by anyone „for free“ or – vice versa.

With KostNix Freeshop we try an economy without money, promoting free exchange. You can leave things at the place without getting money and take things with you, without paying for them. In all our work (receiving, sorting, cleaning…) we don’t want to forget what dreams and wishes moved us to found a free shop, namely to say goodbye to the promise of becoming happier people through the boundless increase in consumption.

We, the operators, are confronted with numerous questions:

* for distributive justice,

* for ecological and social sustainability,

* for living beyond being terrorized into consumerism,

* for alternatives to capitalist structures that shape our relationships

* … ultimately how we want to live together.

We dedicate ourselves to a relaxed and respectful atmosphere in the shop, no matter in which function we use the shop and whether the needs are large or modest. We try to deal with ambiguity and disagreements that naturally arise in the sense of mutual interests. In doing so, we continuously put our few self-made rules to the test.

By the way: we are happy about people who participate in our project! Or just take time for a chat. Or donate cake 🙂